Cadno Touch Software Package

CADNO™ Touch Home

Now available with optional Blue-tooth and Wi-Fi modules

These enable wireless data transfer between the Cadno instrument and Windows tablets, laptops or PCs.

A companion software package – Cadno Touch – is also available, allowing simple touchscreen operation for measuring roll profiles and configuring Cadno

Some of the key benefits include: View Real-Time Profile Data Easy Configuration Portability

View Real-Time Profile Data

Real-time profile data charts can be viewed on the tablet or laptop as Cadno is moved across the roll. Bad profiles or problem areas on the roll can be immediately identified and assessed.

Easy Configuration

Cadno with Blue-tooth or Wi-Fi  can be easily and quickly re-configured for specificrequir ements by simply making a wireless connection from a tablet or laptop and using theintuitive Cadno Touch software.


The Cadno wireless options make Cadno much easier to use outside of the everydayenvir onment of  the rollshop. For example, measuring profiles at the rolling mill or travellingwith Cadno to measure rolls at a customer site or partner rollshop is now much easier because all that is required is the Cadno instrument and a tablet PC.

CADNO™ Wireless Advantages

Cadno with Blue-tooth or Wi-Fi builds upon the well proven Cadno USB model.